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Subscription Form for Petah Tikvah

We require a contribution of any size from each of our readers on an annual basis to remain on the mailing list. If you are poor, just send a couple of dollars! Some people are sending a single dollar for a subscription, which is less than the $2 that we request of inmates. Nobody is excluded from our mailing list because of inability to pay. If you wish to begin your subscription, or if you wish to continue your subscription, please fill out this form with your contribution of any size. We are deeply appreciative of all contributions received. Checks and money orders may be made payable to “Petah Tikvah.” or you can pay by credit card using the Paypal link below. Toda raba! (Thank you very much!)
The actual cost of sending out each subscription is $20.00 annually per subscriber. This covers only the cost of printing and mailing. It does not include any salaries. We also send out free subscriptions to readers in prison, and to Israel, and to those in Third World countries, who cannot pay the cost of subscriptions, who must write a letter (not an email) at least once every 9 months requesting us to renew their subscriptions. We request that inmates send 4 postage stamps or a money order for $2.00 to help cover postage costs. We will send free subscriptions to Third World countries as long as we are financially able to do so. We depend upon you, our readers, to meet our many needs. Contributions are tax-deductible. Please use the Paypal button, download the PRINTABLE FORM, or write to us!

Please mail this form to:
Petah Tikvah
165 Doncaster Road
Rochester NY 14623-1348

For general donations of any ammount, you send a check to the above address or use the Paypal button below.