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RevealedBryan Picken does the cover art for us, which he has been doing for many years! He has been doing this from his prison cell in Michigan, often facing many obstacles. He has also been "guilty" of having some rather great insights! Below is an article he wrote about the Babylon of the Book of Revelation. The pieces of the puzzle fit together very well. There are also spiritual, political, and commercial aspects of Mystery  Babylon. RAC


She is called the great whore sitting upon many waters (which are peoples, nations, and languages - Rev. 17:15), a great city, a woman dressed in purple and scarlet and glittered with gold, precious stones, and pearls. She sits upon a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns, which are kings and world leaders (Rev. 17:7,12). In her hand is a gold cup filled with the obscene and filthy things produced by her whoring with intoxicates the nations. She is further described as being:

A home for demons, a prison for unclean things and every unclean and hated bird. All the nations drink from the wine of God's fury through her. She has unrestricted luxury making business men rich. There is music heard in her. Trades are made and work for all. Light and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride along with the blood of those who testify about Yeshua.

The ten horns of the beast she rides (which are world leaders - Rev. 17:12) will one day rejoice over her destruction, because they could not restrain her content. They will plot to end the "magic spell" she holds over the whole earth, and will accomplish this in a single day. This is done to bring to pass the will of God who put it in their hearts to do, for He hates her abominations (Rev. 17:16-17).

     So what, or who, is this Babylon? We have missed her arrival on the world stage, although we are hopelessly in love with her. The reason for our apparent blindness is simple. We have incorrectly sought out a physical city in a physical location, failing to remember that she sits atop the beast (governments of the world). It is the seven heads of the scarlet beast which are described as sitting on the seven hills, not Babylon herself. No single nation exclusively holds her domicile. This is because she is not in a place. Rather, she is the place: A place without boundaries, free from national laws. A site where mankind goes to fulfill their darkest desires.

     The Internet is such a place, and it fits Yochanan's description perfectly. The Net, as we know it, is ethereal, without physical boundaries, because it is "in the cloud." The Net's dominion is in the air, the realm of HaSatan (the Adversary), sitting atop the whole earth.

     Anyone, at any time, can travel to any location within her almost instantaneously, without even leaving the comfort of their Lazyboy chair.

     But already many world leaders seek to limit the content found on the Net. Our current world leaders hate what is available online (Julian Assange and Wikileaks, anyone?), often because it exposes their wicked deeds. Lawmakers are routinely calling up tech companies and web designers to accuse them of online evils. China has made backdoor deals with Facebook to restrict Chinese access, while Middle Eastern countries, along with Russia openly limit Internet movements. Yet the world can't get enough.

     The news is rife with stories of malware plagues and online hacking, while radical sects away the opportunity to destroy the web. Silicon Valley, which is a desert, holds the brains of the Net and is actively trying to harden itself against such attacks.

     Yochanan ("John") makes clear that the businessmen of the world become rich in her (including many online businesses), that we listen to music in her (do you still have a record collection?), trade and do business in her (how many hours a week do you work online?). Many testify about Yeshua through podcasts and other sites making it all too easy to "hear the voice of the bridegroom and the bride" online. A favorite way to get the Word is audio Bibles. Did you hear a voice, anyone?

     Yeah, the whole world marvels long with Yochanan after Babylon.[1] All are drunk by her wine in the forms of technology, websites, goods, and services. The luxury and the flashiness of her cup (e.g., in the shape of a cell phone or tablet) hides the wickedness within her boundaries. Where else can you find "cargos of gold and silver, and precious stones and pearls and fine linen... and the souls of men (Rev. 18:12-13)." The answer is, "Where else but the Net?"

     No one thirty years ago could have guessed at her identity because the world had never seen such a marvel. Now, however, it is becoming evident. The Net of Babylon hangs over every nation and is used with every intent of the human heart. Soon we will do all of our buying and selling online (another prophecy revealed!) and no one will buy or sell without her.[2]

     The founders of this amazing city all describe having received dreams and visions, as if from heaven, telling them to build this marvel: From Jim Clark who founded Netscape to its president, James Barkdale; from Bill Gates of Microsoft to Gary Devor of Pixelon; and everyone in between. Everyone of them is testifying of the same aspiration. The Internet, of course, is what I am referring to, and they built it! It is a place, and fits the prophetic description perfectly.

     The harlot affects everyone who touches her, decent or not. We've seen otherwise rational people turn nasty via email or social websites. It's just unnatural. Also, how many people are addicted to their phones (especially the smart phones)? Mankind is hopelessly drunk on the Net.

     When the ten horns have their way and the Net is destroyed, the world will mourn. Think of how terrible this will be for those who grew up with the system. It's something no one, including Babylon herself, believes will happen. Does she not call herself a queen? She says, "I am no widow. I will never see sorrow".[3] Yet her destruction is coming. Will you be prepared for that day? God even now is calling us to leave her. Mashiach has warned us that even the very elect could be deceived. "My people, come out of her so you don't share in her sins, so that you will not be infected by her plagues... [4]

     The destruction of the Net is coming. Those whose hearts of been directed by God will seek and accomplish her annihilation. They do so to hide their evil plans and to plunge the world back into darkness. Be forewarned: Bavel, the Mother of harlots, sits over the whole earth to this very day. Her Net is cast far and wide, entrapping all who fail to discern her shape. You have been forewarned!

Editor's Comments:  It would be hard to imagine life without the Internet today. The Net can be used for good or for evil. Commerce, communication, and information sharing are all very much tied into the Net. If and when the Net is destroyed, it will be catastrophic to the world and to civilization in general, almost throwing the world back to the Stone Age.

     I personally gather much information via the Net, and to verify things that I already know. Our website also gives easy access for our readers to get additional information. It would be very difficult for me to conduct this ministry without the Net. I presume that we also have been caught in the Net!                                              RAC

[1] "Bavel" (בּבל) in Hebrew. It is a city, but it also means confusion.

[2] Even when you go to real brick and mortar stores, the credit cards are approved almost instantaneously over Internet connections. RAC

[3] Rev. 18:7.

[4] Rev. 18:4.