Report: Palestinian Textbooks Claim Entirety of Israel as Arab Land:  Palestinian Authority textbooks encourage children to view the entirety of Israel as Arab territory, and teach them to seek the land’s liberation even at the cost of martyrdom, according to a new report by a Jerusalem-based research group. Palestinian nationalist and Islamist ideologies that reject Israel’s basic legitimacy saturate lessons for children as young as six, with various science, math, and humanities exercises all reinforcing this overarching narrative, the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT) found.

     The group studied grade 1–11 textbooks published for the 2017–18 academic year, and grade 12 textbooks that were inaugurated this August. Israel is routinely referred to as the “Zionist Occupation” within the curriculum, including in contexts before the 1967 Six-Day War, in which it came to control Judea & Samaria, the Gaza Strip, and eastern portions of Jerusalem. Various areas within Israel are described as Palestinian, with a geography textbook for 12th graders stating that the “Negev Plateau is located in southern Palestine,” while a textbook for the same grade claims that the Israeli city of Nazareth is located in the “Palestinian North.”

     A map in a grade 10 geography and history textbook of “Palestine after the 1948 War” separates the territory into “Arab lands” and “Lands seized by the Jews after the war.” The negative undertones become more overt in a grade 12 Islamic studies textbook, which mentions a certain Quranic verse that speaks of Jews as being “sinful and liars”. One learning exercise, this time from a grade 5 Islamic studies textbook encourages children to draw parallels between the death of an early Muslim warrior who was crucified by enemies of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and that of Palestinian “martyrs.” After learning of the hero, children are instructed to “tell a story of a martyr from my hometown, who rose in defense of his religion and his homeland Palestine.” Among these Palestinian martyrs are figures such as Dalal Mughrabi, a Fatah terrorist who participated in the massacre of 38 people, 13 of them children, on a bus near Tel Aviv in March 1978. (Algemeiner

     Pray that the Palestinian people will stop sacrificing their children upon the altars of hatred and violence.        

                        Source: Vision for Israel

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The Worst Massacres of the Holocaust

(Excerpt from the article, "Remembering the Spiritual Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto" by Rabbi Shalom Friedmann, printed in Jewish Action, magazine of the Orthodox Union)

"The Nazis made it very clear that any act of revolt would result in consequences for others. So halachically,

what was one allowed to do?"

On November 3, 1943, SS and Nazi police units implemented Action Erntefest  (Operation Harvest Festival), the murder of the Jewish laborers in concentration camp Lublin / Majdanek and the forced-labor camps Trawniki and Poniatowa. Jewish uprisings at the Treblinka and Sobibor killing centers, and the Warsaw, Bialystok, and Vilna ghettos had led to increased concerns about Jewish resistance. To prevent further resistance, SS Chief Heinrich Himmler ordered the killing of the surviving Jews in the Lublin District of German-occupied Poland.

     Most of the remaining Jews were employed in forced labor projects and were concentrated in the Trawniki (at least 4000), Poniatowa (at least 11,000) and Majdanek (about 18,000) camps. They were killed. At Majdanek, near Lublin, the SS shot them in large prepared ditches outside the camp fence near the crematorium. Jews from other camps in the Lublin area were also taken to Majdanek and shot. Music was played through loudspeakers to drown out the noise of the mass shootings. The killing at Majdanek on November 3, 1943 was the largest single-day, single-location massacre during the Holocaust (

Editor's Note:  The year 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. It began on April 19, 1943 and lasted until May 16, 1943. The Jews of the ghetto knew it would not end well. However, they didn't want to go as lambs to the slaughter. They wanted to go down fighting against the brutal Nazi barbarians. The nations did nothing to help the Jews in the ghetto, such as airlifting food to be dropped down into the ghetto to help them in their battle for survival. The nations also did nothing militarily to stop the Nazi army from attacking the ghetto.

     As soon as the Nazi invasion of Poland began on September 1, 1939, the Nazis targeted the Jews for persecution. By the time of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Jews had suffered unbelievable suffering, hunger, and impoverishment. But they fought heroically.

European Parliament Committee Votes to Freeze €15m to Pa Over Inciting Textbooks:  "There was only a vision of one state from the river to the sea, which is not EU policy," IMPACT-se CEO Marcus Sheff said. The European Parliament’s budgetary committee voted to freeze more than 15 million euros from the Palestinian Authority if they do not remove incitement from their textbooks. The European Union is the largest single donor to the Palestinian Authority. “The textbooks published by the PA in 2017, which are financed by the EU, contain, across all subjects, numerous examples of violent depictions, hate speech – in particular against Israel – and glorification of jihad and martyrdom,” the bill states. “As has already been pointed out by Parliament in its resolution on the 2016 budget, European Union-financed teaching and training programs should reflect common values.” (J.Post)

Helping Israel’s Poor During Increasingly Troubled Times:  Please continue to enable us to assist terrorist victims, children at risk, the elderly, and entire households suffering from poverty and others in need in Israel. Your generous donations are vital and appreciated at:

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Germany’s Best-Selling Paper Calls For End of Iran Trade to Protect Israel:  In a commentary this week, Germany's top-selling paper Bild urged businesses to stop trade with the Islamic Republic of Iran because of its terrorism and the mullah regime's goal to obliterate the Jewish state. "Iran cannot at this time be an ally," Bild's foreign policy editor Julian Röpcke wrote. "Neither in the fight against terrorism, nor as an oil supplier or trade partner."

     Röpcke termed Iran's missile launches into Syria as a "message of terror. Because they carry the meter-long inscriptions 'Death to Israel and 'Death to the USA' - and that is deadly serious for the mullahs. Iran's rockets were fired against those who stand in the way of the corrupt regime in Tehran," Röpcke wrote. "Against those who do not want to stand inactively by when Iran's leader again and again propagates the 'extermination' of Israel." Bild has a daily circulation of 1,580,977.

     Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said on 1 Oct. 2018 that it launched six missiles at paramilitary groups located close to the Euphrates River in Syria. Iran's clerical regime claims the missile attack was in response to a terrorist attack on a military parade in the Iranian city of Ahvaz last month. Bild's commentary is believed to be first instance in the best-selling paper of a call for the complete end of business deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran. (Arutz-7)

Most of UNRWA Foreign Staff Members Leave Gaza For Safety Reasons: Citing safety reasons, the UN Relief and Works Agency withdrew most of its foreign staff from Gaza on Tues. 2 Oct 2018. (They fled for their own protection into Israel, which proved them sanctuary. RAC)  UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness called on the Hamas-led government in Gaza to “respond to UNRWA’s repeated demands to provide effective protection to its employees and facilities. The lack of effective security and safety risks is impacting vital humanitarian services to more than 1.3 million refugees in Gaza,” he said. UNRWA withdrew staff members following “a series of worrying security incidents, including death threats, affecting its personnel.” Gunness added that a number of UNRWA workers had been “harassed and prevented from carrying out their duties” by people angered by the organization’s cost-cutting measures due to its financial crisis. Hamas has reportedly done nothing to prevent the violence against the UNRWA personnel. (J.Post)

96-year-old Jewish American wins Nobel Prize in Physics:  Arthur Ashkin, who retired after 40 years from Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1992. However, he remains active in his home laboratory, and at 96 is the oldest ever Nobel laureate. He started his work on manipulation of micro-particles with laser light in the late 1960s which resulted in the invention of optical tweezers in 1986. Optical tweezers can grab particles, atoms, viruses and other living cells with their laser beam fingers and have resulted in the invention of advanced precision instruments used in corrective eye surgery and in industry. Ashkin won one half of the $1 million prize, with Gerard Mourou of France and Donna Strickland of Canada sharing the other half for together developing a method to generate ultra-short optical pulses, which also is used in corrective eye surgery. (Arutz-7)     Source: Vision for Israel

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Egypt Court Sentences 17 to Death for Attacking Christians:  An Egyptian military court on Thur. 11 Oct. 2018 sentenced 17 Islamic terrorists to death for involvement in deadly attacks on Christians, a rights lawyer said. The court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria also issued life sentences to 19 defendants and sentenced another nine to 15 years in prison on terror-related charges, lawyer Khaled el-Masry said. Another defendant received a 10-year term. Military prosecutors had accused the defendants of belonging to the ISIS group and plotting attacks against Christian churches and security forces, el-Masry said. (Fox)         Source:

President Trump Promises to "Get Tough" on Israel

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The Times of Israel staff said: US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the United Nations General Assembly on September 26, 2018, at UN Headquarters. US President Donald Trump has said he is willing to “be tough” on Israel in peace negotiations, mirroring the administration’s combative stance toward the Palestinian Authority, according to an Israeli report on October 2.

     Such a move would mark a significant shift in the US approach to peace talks so far, which has seen a number of concessions to Israel and punitive measures against Ramallah (capital of the P.A.), stoking Palestinian anger and a boycott of efforts to jump start peace talks.

     According to a Channel 10 news report, which cited four Western diplomats with knowledge of the matter, Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron, during a recent meeting, that he was prepared to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the administration’s long-gestating peace initiative, once it is unveiled, mirroring pressure already leveled against the Palestinians.

     “I’ve given a lot to Netanyahu. I moved the embassy to Jerusalem… We give Israel $5 billion a year. I can be tough with Netanyahu on the on the peace plan, just like I’ve been tough on the Palestinians,” Trump reportedly told Macron on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September. It’s unclear where the $5 billion number comes from. The United States currently gives Israel $3.8 billion annually in defense aid as part of a memorandum of understanding.

     When Macron told the US leader that he was under the impression that Netanyahu preferred the status quo over making progress on a peace deal, Trump allegedly replied: “You know, Emmanuel, I’m very close to reaching that same conclusion.”… Trump also reportedly told Macron he had taken tough measures against the Palestinian Authority in recent months — cutting hundreds of millions.”…

     The Trump administration has said in the past that neither Israelis nor Palestinians would be “fully pleased” with its long-awaited Middle East peace plan, whose contents are one of the most guarded secrets in Washington.

The Jerusalem Connection says: Up to now President Trump’s support of Israel has been exemplary. If he now changes and calls for his “Peace Plan” to give to the Palestinians what Yahweh has eternally decreed belongs to Israel, then the President can expect a marked diminishing of Evangelical and Christian Zionist support.

Thousands of Acres Destroyed in Six Months of Gaza Arson Balloons:  More than 3,000 acres of forest in the Northern and Western Negev desert have been damaged by terrorist arson attacks from Gaza. Marking six months since Gazan Arabs began sending incendiary balloons and kites over the border toward southern Israel, Keren Kayemeth L’Yisrael-Jewish National Fund reported on 10 Oct 2018 that some 3,279 acres, a total of 12,270 dunams, of forests have been damaged by fires caused by the attacks. Another 4,000 acres of farmland also have been destroyed by the fires.

     Keren Kayemeth firefighting teams have been on call 24/7, in order to quickly detect and respond to the ongoing fires. KKL-JNF’s Board of Directors last week allocated 100 million shekels, or about $27.5 million, for special projects to help the Gaza border area communities. Meanwhile, copycats in Judea & Samaria have begun to send arson balloons toward Jerusalem and central Israel. An incendiary balloon was discovered on 10 Oct 2018 in Jerusalem’s German Colony neighborhood. This comes on the heels of a similar arson balloon discovered in the courtyard of a home in the town of Givat Ze’ev, located just north of Jerusalem. In October, an incendiary balloon landed on a highway near the Modiin industrial zone in central Israel. (INN)

PA Angered Over Sale of Property to JewsThe Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet, headed by Rami Hamdallah, on 10 Oct 2018 condemned what it called "the settlers' takeover of a historic property in the area of the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of Israeli military officials." The announcement refers to the sale of an old home in "Aqaba Darwish" in the Old City of Jerusalem to Jews. The PA called on international organizations, particularly UNESCO, to intervene to "prevent the occupation from taking over the original Arab cultural heritage in [so-called] occupied Arab Jerusalem."

     Under PA law, selling of land to Jews is illegal and punishable by death. However, such sentences must be approved by the PA chairman, and current chairman Mahmoud Abbas has preferred to authorize life sentences for such offenses, possibly due to fear of an international backlash. In 2014, Abbas toughened the PA law against selling property to Israeli Jews, so that any Palestinian Arabs involved in renting, selling or facilitating real estate transactions with citizens of "hostile countries" in any way would receive life imprisonment with hard-labor. (Arutz-7)

Editor's Note:  Imagine the rage of the world if Israel had a law that would impose life imprisonment with hard labor on anyone selling land to an Arab. However, Palestinians impose racist laws, and nobody complains.        RAC

Holocaust Survivor Cheated Death At Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre By 4 Minutes

Oct 28, 2018 Josh Nathan-Kazis

Judah Samet was four minutes late to synagogue. Services at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh start at 9:45 A.M. Samet, who is 80 years old, pulled into a handicapped spot in front of the building on the morning of Oct 27 at 9:49.

     “Somebody knocked on my window,” Samet said the next day. “There was this guy. Very calm and respectful. [He] told me, you better back up, there is an active shooting going on in your synagogue.” (Eleven Jewish worshippers were murdered. Six others were injured, including four policemen who bravely stopped the killer.)

     It took Samet sixty seconds to process what the man was saying. Samet was born in Hungary. He turned eight years old at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. He spent five and a half years in an orphanage in Israel. He has been a member of Tree of Life Congregation for 55 years.

     “My God, my story doesn’t end,” he said. Samet turned. Standing three feet away from him, on the other side of the car, was a police officer with a pistol drawn. “He was popping his head out from behind a wall and shooting.”

     Samet looked to see who the police officer was shooting, and saw a man aiming an automatic weapon in his direction. “He was shooting towards the cop, who was about 4 feet away from me,” Samet said. He saw the men exchange fire. “I saw smoking coming out of his muzzle,” Samet said. “I was in the line of fire.”

     Samet tried to back his car out of the parking lot, but other cars were trying to do the same thing. The attacker wasn’t aiming at him. “None of the bullets hit me or hit my car,” Samet said. “The policeman could kill him.”

     Samet knew virtually everyone who the attacker, Robert Bowers, murdered that day. Samet was a leading figure at Tree of Life; had been the designated Torah chanter for four decades, and had led morning services for years. Joyce Feinberg was shot dead on Saturday morning. “She was a real lady,” Samet said. “She completely dedicated her life to the synagogue since her husband died.”

     Samet was friendly with Sylvan and Bernice Simon, the 86 and 84 year old who were murdered together in the synagogue sanctuary. Samet and Sylvan Simon would talk about their time as paratroopers, Samet in the Israeli army and Sylvan in the U.S. army.

     Irving Younger, 69, usually stood by the door of the sanctuary, Samet said, and greeted people as they arrived. Younger was among the dead.

     Cecil Rosenthal, 59, who was developmentally disabled. “Everybody loved him,” Samet said. He and his brother, David, were both murdered.

     Samet said that Rose Mallinger, in her 90’s, would attend the service each week with her daughter. “They sit behind me,” Samet said.

     More than anything on Sunday, Samet seemed to be going back in his mind to the 1940s, when the Nazis tortured and murdered his family. His father died of typhoid after the war.

     “My mother was the interpreter,” he said. “She spoke fluent German. She saved hundreds of Jews.” He credits his mother for his survival in World War II. She was a smart woman who talked back to German soldiers.

     The Nazis put Samet’s family on a train to Auschwitz, but Slovakian partisans blew up the railroad line. The Samets ended up in a large lumberyard owned by a man with a large swastika tattooed on his chest, which he would show the family. “My mother taught us never listen what they have to say,” Samet said.[1] “Look at their hands. Because words cannot kill you.”

     On Sunday afternoon, Samet was preparing to travel to a local church to tell the story of his family’s experience in the Holocaust. He said he would likely say something about what he had been through the day before.

Editor's Note:  The killer used an AR-15 rifle. The "AR" means "Assault Rifle." For those who seek to kill a maximum number of people, the weapon of choice is usually an assault rifle. I believe in common-sense gun control. I respect the 2nd amendment. Guns should not be outlawed. However, assault rifles are not designed for civilian use; they are military weapons.

     The answer to gun violence is not more guns. It was suggested that synagogues, churches, and schools should all have armed guards. I don't want to turn these places into armed fortresses just so others can own assault rifles.  RAC

President Washington Confronts Anti-Semitism in 1790

George Washington, in his 1790 letter to the Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, told Jews they would be safe in the new nation.

     “The government of the United States . . . gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance,” he wrote. “May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants — while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

Danon on UNESCO Resolutions: ‘Further Evidence For Why We Withdrew From UNESCO’:  Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon slammed the resolutions passed on 10 Oct 2018 by members of UNESCO’s Executive Board, according to which the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem are deemed "an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian territory." The resolutions also condemned Israel for building the security fence, carrying out excavations in eastern Jerusalem, and for "other measures aimed at altering the character, status and demographic composition of the [so-called] Occupied Palestinian territory."

     They were submitted by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan, and were approved several minutes after the beginning of a meeting held by the PX Commission, which includes all members of UNESCO’s Executive Board. “This is further evidence, for anyone who did not understand why the United States and Israel withdrew from UNESCO, that again proves that UNESCO is a body based on lies and biases, and is deliberately acting against us,” Danon said of the resolutions. “The State of Israel will not be a member of an organization that is trying to rewrite history and willing to be manipulated by our enemies.” Israel announced in December 2017 that it intended to withdraw from UNESCO, the UN's educational organization, after the USA made a similar announcement. The withdrawals are to take effect in 2019. (Arutz-7)

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Claiming Israel is ‘Isolated’ Just Got a Whole Lot Harder:  The claim by Palestinian nationalists and their sympathizers that Israel is globally ostracized for failing to as of yet facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian state is easily debunked. As it so happens, Israel isn't even all that isolated within the Arab world. For decades, the rest of the Middle East did indeed boycott the Jewish state. But that has been changing, and a couple of examples just this past week indicated a rapid acceleration of the normalization process. Israelis were surprised over the weekend to wake up to newspaper headlines informing us that PM Benjamin Netanyahu had just returned from an official state visit to Oman. Netanyahu was personally invited to the Omani capital of Muscat by the country's leader, Sultan Sayyid Qaboos bin Said Al Said, to discuss regional issues.

     A day later, Omani Foreign Minister Yousuf bin Alawi addressed a security summit in Bahrain, where he urged the rest of the Arab Middle East to likewise embrace the Jewish state. "Israel is a state present in the region, and we all understand this. The world is also aware of this and maybe it is time for Israel to be treated the same as other states and to also bear the same obligations," bin Alawi told the IISS Manama Dialogue conference.

     Also over the weekend, the United Arab Emirates hosted its annual Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam, and, for the first time ever, Israeli judokas were permitted to compete under their national flag. Competing Israelis won three bronze medals, and one gold medal. The Israeli flag was on display as they were awarded by the Arab hosts. More than that, Israel Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev was invited to attend the competition in her official capacity. Photos of Regev with UAE President Mohamed Bin Tha'loob Al Derai quickly made waves across the region. These more recent encounters happened amid a general warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. While Jerusalem still has no official relations with any of these Arab countries, their willingness to publicly embrace the Jewish state and its leaders represents a serious change since 1 Sept.1967, when these same countries joined the rest of the Arab world in signing the Khartoum Resolution outlawing any and all ties with Israel. (Israel Today)

Israeli Minister to Promote Rail Line From Israel to Gulf States in Oman:  In a sign of continued warming ties with the Arab world, Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz will head to Oman to push for a regional rail line that will link Haifa with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. “The initiative called 'Tracks for Regional Peace' is aimed at connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Gulf (the Persian Gulf) by rail via Israel as a land bridge and Jordan as a regional transportation hub,” Katz’s office said. Katz is expected to present the plan when he addresses a regional transportation conference, called the IRU World Congress, which will take place in Muscat, 6-8 Nov. 2018. According to his office, “This is the first time an Israeli Minister has been formally invited to participate in an international conference in Oman. The invitation reflects the strengthening ties between the two countries.”

     Katz’s visit follows a surprise trip PM Benjamin made on Friday 26 Oct. 2018. Netanyahu spoke of the visit at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. “On Friday, my wife and I returned from a historic diplomatic visit to Oman. I met with the leader of Oman; Sultan Qaboos bin Said, a very experienced and impressive man. This is Israel's first official visit to Oman in 22 years. In our long meeting we discussed in detail the challenges facing the Middle East. These were important talks - both for the State of Israel and very important talks for Israel's security. There will be more,” he said. (J.Post)

[1] Curiously, some of those who rescued Jews during the Holocaust were anti-Semites. They might have disliked Jews, but were appalled at Nazi brutality.